Well! What a busy unpacking session that was!!

We asked the movers to put the “easily identifiable” boxes into the rooms we thought they might end up in – that was only about 25% of them though! The rest just got piled up in the garage – luckily the garage is big enough!

However, even the ones we thought we could identify had been repacked by the UK movers – each box ended up being unpacked into 3 or 4 different rooms……..Thanks, Anglo-Pacific……….NOT!

We set aside the “suspicious” boxes that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) wanted to inspect before they were unpacked. The two girls that turned up for the inspection later in the day were dead impressed by the cleanliness of kit in general (thanks to you too Mitch!), found the odd UK pine cone that we’d missed on the Xmas decorations (we had to virtually take to pieces two of the Xmas wreaths!) and were quite impressed at the box containing “Army kit”. I’d been trying to work out what it contained, aside from the odd pair of combat trousers and a camo jacket. I know for sure what MAF thought was in it! Guns, ammo, dirty trekking boots and the odd mortar! In fact, it turned out that Anglo-Pacific had a strange sense of humour and piled into it all our underwear and anything that couldn’t be thrown into any other box as packing! The MAF girls were not too interested in my underwear (most of it too boring), but were asking Lou where she got hers from!

They also spent an inordinate amount of time on the Xmas decorations boxes (there are a lot after all). At first we thought we were in for a big cleaning bill….. but it turned out that they were just taking a great deal of time ooing and aahing over Louise’s collection! Phew. As it is, they found about an A4 plastic bag’s worth of stuff to clean or destroy and as it was all likely to have been destroyed by the heat used by the cleaning process we had it all destroyed at no cost. Result!

On the downside, the house looks really untidy with “stuff” in it now! Thinking

Never mind, it won’t take long to find a home for it all!

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