Left work at lunchtime to get changed and back on the road to Wellington to pick up Mitch.

As we were waiting in arrivals, his name was called a couple of times to report to staff in the arrivals hall, if he was in arrivals – things were sounding a bit suspicious:

  1. Was he being turned away for having no passport?
  2. Had his suitcase exploded and was strewn across the aircraft hold?
  3. Was he drunk and disorderly?
  4. Did he fall asleep in Sydney and miss the flight?
  5. Did the sniffer dogs find anything suspicious in his luggage?
  6. Was he having an intimate meeting with rubber-gloved customs officials?
  7. All of the above?

Qantas will very nicely deliver his suitcase direct to our house! However, not until tomorrow!

As it turns out, after waiting a worrying hour, his suitcase never made it out of Sydney airport!

Aussies…….. typical!

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