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Up early this morning to help carry out some server software upgrades and in to work for 5am…………..deep joy!

Louise is a little bit more into finishing the hall today methinks – once she gets the bit between her teeth!

Played 4 aside football today, so lots of running about (and a bit of falling over once the legs start giving out!). The game ended up in a draw, but as we all work in ITS, then it doesn’t really matter anyway……. just a way of taking note of the time spent running about!

Finally left about 4.20pm after lots of discussions around the forthcoming mail server migration.

Got home to find Louise has done really well in the hall. The heater was on to encourage the ceiling paint to dry before its last coat. She should then be able to put colour on the walls too then…. yippee! The paint works out at about $10-16 a litre (about £5-10), so not exactly the cheapest product in the world.