Up and online for 8pm UK time, I’d sorted the bin and recycling out last night so no early early rise.

Played RPG again on Skype. I’d updated my character and after clearing it with Dave, thoroughly enjoyed playing – even if I nearly died (my character that is)!

During RPG, Keith rang on Skype for a chat. We managed it for a while before we had some connection issues.

Louise started to wash her bike but threatening clouds turned to rain and she had to give up on it just before finishing and starting to polish. I’d just finished looking at jobs, slow today again today, and was taking a coffee out to Louise when the rain started, so I couldn’t do mine either…..

We both felt like a lazy afternoon in, so we did!

I was staying up late again anyway to chat with Kez, but we got to see a little more evening tv than we normally do!

Category: Emigrating
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