It was a real hardship leaving the hotel this morning, the thermal pool last night was glorious!

But, leave we did, heading for Rotorua and some Maori tradition, arts and culture….Te Puia. First of all a visit to the village entrance and to the Marae

DSC00587 DSC00591

We got welcomed to the Marae, well, ok, there were quite a few of us in the audience!


After the welcoming (the karanga), we were treated to a performance inside the Marae including many lush harmonies, the seductive poi dance, the ferocious haka (war challenge) and the complex tititorea (stick games).

“Someone” – no names no pack drill – was volunteered by the Willis representation (and admittedly because it sounded a hoot!) to take part in a visitors impression of the Haka!


After making a spectacle of myself (although one of the Maori – the warrior in front of the Marae – congratulated me on my attempt at pulling a face at the end) we took a walk around the thermal park.

DSC00615 DSC00620

DSC00622 DSC00621

We headed off suitably exhiliarated to Taupo and Huka Falls. Not really sure how Louise and I missed this the first couple of times we visited New Zealand, it’s quite impressive!

DSC00629 DSC00630 DSC00635

SDC12132 SDC12136

After watching the equivalent of an olympic sized swimming pool flowing past every couple of seconds, we headed off to find a cafe in Taupo, or alongside the lake, for a very welcome cup of coffee. I’m pretty sure John pinched some of my chocolate fish when we did stop, he did get told off by Margaret and Louise though – teehee.

We stopped by the South end of the lake, a bit of a mission to get there though, so the girls could have a paddle.

SDC12140 DSC00636

We then headed up to Ohakune for our overnight stay with a view of Mt Ruapeho at the Ohakune Court Motel.

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