First started the emigration process over 2 years ago. The rules kept changing and the world ran into a little recession which helped no end……NOT!

We made a decision to just go for it back at the beginning of July 2009 and applied for and received a 9 month Visitors Visa – Hurrah!!

We started packing a few weeks ago, having decided to put most of our belongings in to self-storage. Then, if we find NZ to be where we want to be and the job front and rentals all pan out, we can get the shipping company to ship out our belongings later on.

At the moment both of us have swinging emotions from complete elation through to “”I’m going to miss my family so much and the many friends who we’ve started to say goodbye to”” to “”It’s only 3 weeks away and we have no job and nowhere to stay………OMG!!

I’ve just set this blog up today so that we can keep up with developments as they happen without boring everyone on Facebook LOL ………

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