Louise got back home yesterday with news of a lovely reference written at work which caused a few tears on her part! She has also been saying her goodbyes to those people that might not be at work tomorrow on her last day……………

Very pensive moods all round last night, but that didn’t stop the need to carry on packing. She’s managed to clear two wardrobes already! Only another two to go!!

Mike crept up on me today for the goodbye speech I was getting ready for tomorrow…………..swine! I feel quite at a loss to be leaving what I have found to be the best working evironment I have ever had the pleasure to work in. I’m really going to miss everyone:

Mike, Chris, Michelle, Keith, Jeff, Dave, Rob, Ash, Marc and Nick – best of luck to you all, and remember, it probably wasn’t my fault after all!

Category: Emigrating
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