Well, the local horoscopes for last month did suggest that today was going to be a big day!

Up early and all nicely spruced, even passed inspection under the hyper-critical gaze of Louise! By majority vote, ie. both of us, decided to go geek today – single-breasted suit, white shirt and glasses (plus the other normal accoutrements like underpants, socks etc of course!) as the double-breasted suit has had no luck at interviews!

We’d chatted and thought it would be a good idea if Louise dropped me off at the University, so that I didn’t have to do the parking thing in Wellington. I’m pretty sure that the prospect of a shopping trip into Wellington and Cuba Street had never entered her mind!!

Anyway, the interview was more of a getting to know you, let’s chat over your CV to make sure you weren’t just making it up sort of interview. It lasted all of 20 minutes, Louise had only just parked up and hadn’t even reached the shops yet …. doh!

Back home, after a coffee and a calm down to do more exams in preparation for tomorrow. Yippee ….

Category: Emigrating
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