Up early for sprucing again today!

Geek attire once again donned……

Louise drove into Wellington again and dropped me off at the Terrace entrance to Fujitsu. I was in no uncertain terms that I was early – 10 mins – and that the guy I was seeing wasn’t currently in the building. Now I sort of expected a wait, but this was almost tantamount to being told off and sent to sit in the naughty chair for having the temerity to turn up early! Having said that, the receptionist did relent and got me a coffee after a couple of minutes.

The guy turned up, smelling distinctly of “I’ve just been outside for a sneaky cigarette”. He sat me down and produced two thick sets of papers – the Fujitsu doctored Microsoft exams. So much for the advent of technology!!

Anyway, I fought my way through the amended questions, which seemed to be even more convoluted than the normal Microsoft ones! I’m pretty sure I did ok, not a brilliant passing score, but I would be upset if I don’t pass!

Louise and I took advantage of the Wellington cafe scene and did little bit of shopping at the same time before heading home and a rest from Microsoft learning for hopefully a short space of time!

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