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Louise has been a star, as has my brother Mitch!

After waiting about 9 months, I finally got a date for my op to remove a lump on my chest. Bad timing though!! It meant that I was restricted to what I could lift and carry for the house move in to storage and what I could carry/pull on the trip over………bad Karma! However, I’d waited for so long that it wasn’t worth putting it off.

We moved out of our rented accommodation with very little bother, although Porters did seem to be doing a rather thorough job of checking the house – even though the landlords had got there 15 mins earlier and were happy! Finally finished about 1030am after a 9am start!

Over to Mitch’s to stay the night before we go. Bad News though, my stitches have slipped out and we spend our last night in the UK at Casualty. The Doc said she couldn’t doing anything about the wound though, so it looks like I’ll be taking a while longer to recover and there will be a massive scar – boo hiss!