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We got off on the train from Bridgend. Mitch, and a very nice train staff bloke, helped us with the suitcases over the bridge to the platform. Not a sign of things to come however!

We got rushed onto the train when it arrived. The guard reluctabtly “”helped”” us put the cases on the train while wibbling about it being late – it must have been in the station for no longer than about 3o seconds! We recovered the suitcases by the carriage door, and Louise manoeuvred themn down 1 carriage to somewhere near our seats. Not a good advert for Great Western at all – the words mindless, cattle and jobs’ worth spring to mind!!

When we got to Paddington things didn’t improve, either getting off the train or getting on/off the Heathrow Express. All very good reminders of the complete lack of generosity or mere civility for which we both admire the UK for…………NOT!

The Air New Zealand staff at Heathrow however, were absolutely brilliant. Not only did they push us through the Business Class Check-In desk (no queue) and be really nice, but they also gave us free access to the Star Alliance lounge to calm us down a bit and chill out – Sweet As!

The flights were ok, Hong Kong airport again was a lovely place, even though they don’t take sterling for the obligatory coffees!

Getting in to Auckland airport and transferring the luggage on to the domestic flight was easy this time. We hardly seemed to have taken off when we were landing again. A swift taxi trip to the hotel, and then on to the car rental place (@£7.50 a day was a bargain!) and we’re here in NZ and mobile! Yippee!