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Up bright and early with the sparrows today!!

Dropped the hotel key in the letter box, as the office hadn’t opened yet, and off we went to Raumati South and our first “”house”” in New Zealand. For a change, Wellington is hot and muggy with hardly any wind. You can’t fool us Wellington! That’s a first!

We popped to the house and had a look around properly. We’re going to have to get some chairs for the decking!! Gorgeous view.

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Stayed in all morning to get delivery of the fridge/freezer and washing machine and set up the phone/broadband. Huzzah!! We’re online!! We even get an NZ e-mail address, albeit temporary…….

We went back up to Coastlands this afternoon for deck chairs and food and more odds and ends. Back in time for 5pm to get the bed delivered – just as well as the carpet was beckoning otherwise!
Bliss! A glass of wine, a wireless Skype connection back to the UK, sunshine and a gorgeous view. What more could we want? Well, ok a job would be nice………