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Back over to Raumati South this morning, after visiting the hole in the wall, to take over the house so we can move in tomorrow morning. I was cursing my UK bank for not letting me get cash out two days in a row, when I realised that it must be a 24 hr period between withdrawals and I’d tried 10 mins too early – doh!

An old hand at the rental inspection now, it was over in half an hour with every crack, paint spill and bad mark noted and recorded……………….Hurrah, it’s ours and we have the keys!!

After a bit more local shopping at Coastlands – little did we know that it is the 5th largest “”mall”” shopping centre in New Zealand! Cool, we thought we’d be going to Porirua down the coast for the bigger shops. We even found the cinema, just a pool to go now (although that’ll have to wait until my operation wound heals up in the next few week – those stitches really should have lasted longer Frown ……..).

We got back to the Wellington hotel very tired little bears. Louise suggested a chinese takeaway, I thought that was a great idea. How wrong could I have been!! There may be every sort of Eastern hemisphere restaurant/takeaway within 8 blocks of the hotel, but after 90 mins trudging the streets I can wholeheartedly stipulate that it doesn’t include a basic chinese takeaway!!! DOH!! I settled for an Indian takeaway around the corner from the hotel – settled, eventually!